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Behind WhatsApp Automator are the Creators of the Great WhatsApp Marketing Tool, called WhatsApper.

Award Winning Software Company!

We are not just a Software Company but an Award Winning One. We the team behind the creation of WhatsApper, having been encouraged by our excited and happy users of WhatsApper, which is backed by numerous 5-Star Reviews, we decided to even to better by creating this Flagship WhatsApp Marketing Tool, called WhatsApp Automator.
WhatsApp Automator isn’t just a tool, it’s a Revolution!

WhatsApp Automator is the currently the best WhatsApp Marketing Tool available on the Internet.

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    Chatbots Creator!

    WhatsApp Automator comes with an inbuilt feature that allows you to create Unlimited Chatbots for your business to help you automatically answer customers or prospects inquiries. This will not only will help you save a lot of time, it will help you keep your customers and prospects engaged.

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    Bulk WhatsApp Sender!

    Not only can WhatsApp Automator send Bulk WhatsApp Messages. It's also currently the fastest Bulk WhatsApp Sending Tool you can find anywhere. Reach thousands of audience in a minute with WhatsApp Automator. Get High Open Rate (up to 98%) and get quick replies.

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    WhatsApp Numbers Filter!

    Not only can you use WhatsApp Automator to create Chatbots and send Bulk WhatsApp Messages, you can also use it to filter WhatsApp Numbers out of Non-WhatsApp Numbers. WhatsApp Automator is currently fastest WhatsApp Filtering Tool available on the internet.

Before i know whastapper, i paid 3rd party for such service for years and spend a lot of money on whatsapp messaging. Whatsapper has been a great tools for my company to send regular promotion and messages to all our clientele. It is very easy to use and i learned it withing few minutes, Support response whas prompte and very user friendly. Strongly recommand to all digital marketeer.


Sales Manager

I sincerely think it is a necessary tool for any marketing strategy.
I've been using it for a long time (I was paying € 50 a year) and I couldn't do without it. as soon as I saw the offer for life I buy it immediately.
If you add to this great customer service and extreme ease of use ... you get the perfect tool.
Buy it without thinking too much.
WhatsApper .. is addictive 🙂


Marketing Expert

Great customer service. Really appreciate that because they helped us very actively to solve some issues. Easy to use and time saver tool. Great work!


Design Director

I used the tool to do marketing campaigns and the results were extraordinary. Great response rate and more revenues than tradicionais email marketings campaigns. I highly recommend to any marketer that have qualify WhatsApp leads to work with.


Web Developer

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WhatsApp Automator is all you need to grow your audience, whether as a business owner, as one who runs an Organization, a Freelancer, a Digital Marketer, etc.
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